Our Expertise


Experience design

We believe that design must not only be user-friendly and informative, credible and sustainable, but touching the heart.

The core of our work builds on our values from which we source our creative energy. Staying connected with heart and mind helps us to create convincing, authentic designs for our clients.

Design is first and foremost about communicating with images. Good design is not only about making content accessible, but must be an appealing experience. One of our strengths is creating illustrative key visuals and artworks which communicate a message in a much more lively and immediate way than a simple photo, for example.

Corporate design, layout, typography & colour design

We have a great aesthetic understanding and exactly know how to make information accessible and appealing to the target group.

Our special competence is the creation of holistic, cross-media design environments that are timeless and sustainable.

Our team consists of experienced graphic and web designers. With more than 15 years of professional experience and a higher-educational background in fine arts and design, we have gained an excellent knowledge in corporate design, layout, typography, colour design and data visualisation. 

Strategy & development

Project management needs many years’ experience and long-sightedness in order to handle all steps with responsibility – from initial planning to final delivery.

We divide a project into phases, which then makes it possible to execute it in the best possible direction, making it easier to monitor and work more effectively with all parties involved. In our team, project management and design is handled by one designer / one developer in order to gain the best overview and to ensure that the final deliverables and project goals are met reliably and timely.

Together with our partners, we communicate your message to a worldwide audience.

Our partners—a multilingual DTP and translation company, a printing house, and a web development agency—help us reach a global audience.

Multilingual Translations and DTP:
Thanks to our partnership with LanguageLab, a multilingual DTP and translation studio, we create designs in European languages, Eastern European languages, Baltic languages, Asian languages, Scandinavian languages, and Bidirectional (BiDi) languages.

Print Production:
We maintain a close collaboration with Zwart op Wit, a Belgium-based printing house renowned for its top-tier print production. Zwart op Wit operates as a 100% CO2-neutral company, exclusively using vegetable inks, recycled papers, and implementing optimized transportation logistics.

Web Development:
Our web development partner specializes in crafting innovative websites, with a strong emphasis on user experience, as well as expertise in SEO and online marketing. Their support enables us to effectively communicate with the digital world.


Flexibility & innovativeness

We do not see ourselves as a supplier but as partner who thinks and acts along with the client. We give advice and assistance. Innovative ideas come from generative dialogue and sharing ideas.

As we have been working for international organisations and network organisations, where multiple stakeholders are involved, we exactly know how difficult it may be sometimes to keep to the agreed timetable. Our ability to adapt to our clients’ needs and their respective organisational requirements sets us apart. Furthermore, we are actively involved in the project management and are able to keep to deadlines – despite any delays which may occur.

Awards & publications

Our studio has received prestigious international design awards in recognition of our commitment to the high quality of our creations. 

Our works had been published internationally in many design reference books and yearbooks honoring our excellent design, creativity and innovativeness.