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WFP – World Food Programme

Brussels, Outdoor advertisement campaign, December, 2019

End of 2019 the World Food Programme (WFP) initiated an outdoor advertisement campaign to showcase their partnership with the European Commission around the world. Assisting 86.7 million … Continue reading WFP – World Food Programme

International Day of Democracy

Corporate Design, Inter-Parliamentary Union, 2012/14

Poster design for the International Day of Democracy 2012 and 2014. The United Nations’ International Day of Democracy is annually held on September 15th to raise public … Continue reading International Day of Democracy

Inter-Parliamentary Union  

Innovation in Extension and Advisory Services

Conference Design, CTA, The Netherlands, 2011

Concept and design of the visual identity for the International Conference “Innovation in Extension and Advisory Services” in Nairobi, Kenya. The key visual is a Baobab tree, … Continue reading Innovation in Extension and Advisory Services


Poolse Dag In Ahoy

Poster campaign, Municipality of Rotterdam, Rotterdam, 2010

Advertisement campaign for polish workers living and working in Rotterdam. To attract the new polish inhabitants we designed a series of posters with traditional polish ornaments constructed … Continue reading Poolse Dag In Ahoy

Municipality of Rotterdam