Our clients


We help charitable organisations and scientific institutions to stand out and create impact.

We are happy to be able to work with organisations and people who dedicate their time and energy to projects making a positive difference in this world – This is an ethical choice, which feels good by the way.

As we have been exclusively working for international organisations and NGOs for many years, we have gained an excellent knowledge in these areas of activity. We are well acquainted with the aesthetics in these fields, and we exactly know how to visually communicate to target groups like executive authorities, policy makers, academics and scientists coming from different countries and with different cultural backgrounds.


We are working with partners across multifaceted areas

What makes our work so rewarding is the variety of topics to deal with, continuously challenging us and keeping us on our toes.


Our client’s experience

“Pitch Black Graphic Design has been instrumental in the European University Association’s rebranding and development of its communication strategy. For the past two years, it has proved to be a close, reliable and creative partner which supported the evolution of our identity and reach. They have delivered consistently high-quality work on time that combines clear thinking and a total alignment with our needs.”

Christel Vacelet, communication director, EUA, European University Association