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ReVeAL – Regulating Vehicle Access for Improved Livability

Corporate Design, Brussels, 2019

The goal of the EU funded ReVeAL project is to add Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVAR) to the standard range of urban mobility transition approaches of cities across Europe. The EU funded R&I ReVeAL project looks at this hot topic for the first time since the CURACAO project (ending a decade ago). Corporate design including, logo, visual guidelines, typography, colors, pictograms, Powerpoint presentations, banners, leaflets and social media banners, website and icons.


Corporate Design, European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes, Bonn, 2014

Corporate Design mit Wortmarke, Farbgestaltung und Typografie. EADI, Europäischer Verband der Entwicklungsforschung und Trainingsinstitute, ist das führende Netzwerk für Entwicklungs- und Regionalstudien in Europa.