The ABC of Iodine – EuThyroid2

Corporate design and illustration design

The Thyroid Federation International

EUthyroid2 is an EU-funded project aimed at eliminating iodine deficiency in Europe and beyond.

For the Thyroid International Federation, which is the project coordinator, we have developed the complete visual identity and all communication media for the project.

The project is being implemented in three different settings for three different target groups: young scholars, adolescent women, and the healthcare environment.

For young scholars, we designed a textbook and exercise book on the topic of iodine. Our colleague, Martijn Rook, created illustrations that give a personal identity to the project, spark interest, and guide the scholars through the topic. For adolescent women, we created various fact sheets, and for the healthcare environment, we developed various content forms and guidelines.

As the project is conducted in Europe and beyond, we also created localized versions of all communication media, including Greek, Polish, Norwegian, Urdu, and Bangla. For each language version, we created unique illustrations that adapt to the culture.

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